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A great place to share your thoughts, reflect and keep a record of where we have been and where we are going to is our SMR Blog which has been set up especially for us as one of the main ways of connecting and reporting on our journey as well as a place for reflection. The blog has been set up as private so only eleaders, echampions and ementor for the Southern Metropolitan Region will see and be able to make and reply to posts. To go to the Blog click on the pic below:

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Joyce Seitzinger is a NZ based trainer who has alot to do with Moodle at EIT in NZ. She has an interesting blog, and has created a really useful Moodle tool to help trainers evaluate how best to add things to a Moodle.
The link will take you to her blog, and more particularly to her Moodle Tool Guide page so you can print it off for yourself. Great resource
ConVerge 11
ConVerge News!!!!!!
We have just heard from Sarah Phillips at eWorks, you can buy one ticket between two organisations and share it, one centre attend each day.

"The registration needs to be a whole one, but you can put a note to say one person will go one day and another will go the other day. That is the most we can offer at this stage. I have made a point for it next year and will push to have it changed. Unfortunately so late in the registration process, we don’t have the option to change the process.

If people would like to share their registrations, but all means encourage them to do so. Even if it is across organisations.


You will need to organise it quickly though as ConVerge is next Thursday and Friday - 24 & 25 November
Thursday 24 & Friday 25 November 2011
Rydges on Bell, Preston

SMR eMentor Project f2f meeting

Monday 7th November
Lyrebird CommunityCentre
203 Lyrebird Drive, Carrum Downs

Community Connect - Australia Series

"Community connect are a group of e-leaders from the Australia Series who contribute to the delivery of free
e- learning personal development sessions online at Learn Central
We belong to different sectors of education and community. We are all building our e-capability to improve our professional practice and engage our students. "
Elluminate sessions
- ongoing - check the website for sessions and pre-recordings

ACE Network Ning

The ACE Network Ning is a central place to connect and learn in an online environment developed especially for community based organisations

ongoing-check website regularly

ConVerge 11

"ConVerge is an annual e-learning conference designed to enhance e-learning opportunities and knowledge within the TAFE sector, for RTOs, community education and commercial organisations."
November 24 & 25, 2011
Rydges Bell City
Bell Street, Preston

23 things

"Michael's 23 Things BB-Collaborate sessions
Roll up roll up for your second chance to catch the introduction to: "23 Things" a journey of discovery into web2 communicative technologies and educational networking. Come and explore what you can do on the web with photos, audio and video. It's all about active learning through reflective sharing. If you're interested to join, choose one of these 2 times. If i get 5 or more takers for a session, i'll run it. "
Wikispace and Elluminate recording

Elluminate recording